e. Palmer Sculpture Biennial 2018

Photographs by Tamasin Atkins and Jan Clifford


Atkins David JC

Dead Tree – David Atkins

Brunetti Carlotta

Fan – Carlotta Brunetti

Cochrane Jennifer TA

Cube Stack [No. 6] … for Palmer – Jennifer Cochrane

Chilcott Karl TA

Gold(s)worthy A reflecting reminiscence – Karl Chilcott

Eichenberger Titus TA

Landscape Spin – Titus Eichenberger

Johns Greg TA

The Story Tellas, 2015/2016 – Greg Johns

Kerr David TA

Faultline – David Kerr

Kidall Sally JC

Portable Containment: vestige – Sally Kidall

Kluvanek Michel

Photography in the Hut – Michal Kluvanek

Lloyd Stephen JC

Focus – Stephen Lloyd

Lundberg Peter TA

Party in the Penthouse & Gambler – Peter Lundberg

McGillivray-Tory Phillip JC

Domestication of the Land – Phillip McGillivray-Tory

Meandering Ray TA

Material Culture ‘Tents’ Camping – Ray Meandering

Parker Astra JC

Sisters – Astra Parker

Peitsch Flossie TA

Missing Being – Dr Flossie Peitsch

Poantimului Samuel 'Marbuk' JC

Tutini – Samuel ‘Marbuk’ Poantimului

Santin Mary Ann TA

Moments in Time lll – Mary Ann Santin

Shaw Tim TA

Where have all the flowers gone? – Tim Shaw

Sleeman Deb JC

Intervention – Deb Sleeman

Stuart Amanda JC

The year of the water snake (craft for a dry lake) 2013-18 – Amanda Stuart

Tully Westley TA

Hybrid #3 – Westley Tully

Uhlmann Nicholas JC

Seed – Nicholas Uhlmann

Union Street TA

Traces – Union Street Sculptors

Wallis Ronda TA

Looming Horizons – Ronda Wallis

Warner Clancy JC

The Cleansing – Clancy Warner

Wedding-Marchioro Lorry JC

String Theory – Lorry Wedding-Marchioro


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