Selected Bibliography, Contact, Acknowledgements

The Palmer Sculpture Biennial is an artist run event and would not happen without generous contributions of time and support.

We would like to thank all of the sponsors and supporters of the project, all contributing artists, and in particular, Sue and Trevor Rodwell for taking many of the photographs that appear on this website.

Our magnificent sponsors are:  Bush Bids Funding – SA Murray Darling Basin Natural Management Resources Board, The Bell Family – Detour Design,  Fox Creek Wines, Blackwood Hire and the Palmer Hotel.

For further information about the Palmer Sculpture Biennial, please email Greg Johns or Bill Clifford.

Greg Johns:

Bill Clifford:

For corrections or comments to the website, contact Bill Clifford

Selected Bibliography

2008    Palmer Sculpture Biennial    Exhibition Catalogue
2006    Winter Landscape, Murray Darling Palimpsest    Exhibition Catalogue
2006    Positioning Statements by Sue and Trevor Rodwell    No 111, Landscape Australia
2006    Kicking Goals at Nine by John Neylon    28th July, The Adelaide Review
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2005    Remediation as Art: Is caring for the environment a kind of art?
by Stephanie Radok    Vol 25, No 4, Artlink
2005    On The Borders Of Our Imagination by John Neylon    19th August, The Adelaide Review
2004    Palmer Sculptural / Environmental Landscape    Exhibition Catalogue
2003    An Environmental Exploration (bare bones) by John Neylon    July, The Adelaide Review
2003    Big Sky Country by Tim Lloyd    30th June, The Advertiser
2003    Connecting with Nature by Margot Osborne    Issue 3, Nov, Australian Art Review

Electronic Media
2008     Palmer Sculpture Biennial DVD     Barrie and Kaye Wraith
2007    Postcards (Greg and Palmer)     15th July, Channel 9
2007    IOU – Life and Legacy of poet Judith Wright (Gavin and Palmer)    22nd May, ABC Channel 2
2006     Palmer Sculpture Biennial DVD     Barrie and Kaye Wraith
2004    Palmer Sculpture Biennial DVD     Barrie and Kaye Wraith


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