k. Palmer Sculpture Biennial 2006

The second exhibition featured 23 artists and also included works on paper and paintings in the hut. The invited artist was Victorian sculptor, Geoff Bartlett. A music event was also held at the close of the opening day featuring John Schumann (Redgum) and has become part of the openings. The Biennial attracted over 650 people and received the Festival Fringe Award for Excellence and Innovation in the Visual Arts. Bush for Life was represented to provide background on the environmental issues for the property and region. The Palmer Community Association also organised art exhibitions in the town.


Works from the 2006 Palmer Sculpture Biennial

Craig Andre, Tree

Elene Kononikas

Deb Sleeman, Mortal Wound

Deb Sleeman. Northwest Wind

Andrew Stock, Folly

Ted Jonsson

Sue and Trevor Rodwell, Columns

Sonia Donnellan, Blink – a fleeting moment

Sasha Grbich, Thirsty Work

Rick Clise, Metal Moire -Movement1

Nicholas Uhmann, Partners

Gritta Walker, Along the Five Wire

Greg Johns, Settling for Exploration (etc)

Gerry McMahon, Megadrille

George Andric, Icarus

Geoff Bartlett, Prickly Pear

Gavin Malone, Chthonic Spirits

Erika Mychalenko, Entity-Identity

Annabelle Collett, Lace Cover

Evette Sunset, My Other Half





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