c. Palmer Sculpture Biennial 2022

Once again we are privileged to have as our photographer for the 2022 Biennial, leading South Australian photographer Michal Kluvanek.

John Neylon has reviewed the 2022 Biennial in In Daily.  You can access the review via the link on the previous page.

Gina Allain – Strange fruit
Steven Cybulka & Craige Andrae – Second Fix
George Andric – Ellipsis
David Atkins – Inside Space
Titus Eichenberger – Carbon (see link on Page a)
Greg Healey – Towers, travels and tenosity
eDuard Helmbold – Ferus Reli-RAKA
Greg Johns – Monument to Jandamarra
Orest Keywan – Circa
Sally Kidall – Running Dry
Stephen King – Pipeline
Chris Ormerod – Fullers Gate
Astra Parker – Transient Dwelling
Mark Shelton – Falling Man
Deborah Sleeman – Notes on Catching Rocks
Martin Tipungwuti – Purrukapali (Tutini – Pukamani Pole)
Nicholas Uhlmann – ‘Coming to Terms’
Union Street Sculptors – Under Wraps
Vic Waclawik – Bractea
Clancy Warner – Fragile Existence
Lorry Wedding-Marchioro – “The ephemeral life of things”

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