b. Palmer Sculpture Biennial 2020

The Ninth Palmer Sculpture Biennial will be open from March 14 to April 12 2020 at the Palmer Sculpture Landscape.  Full details will be posted nearer to the event.

The Biennial has established itself as a major sculpture event in Australia. We believe it is now, as a national sculpture event, the second longest running, continuous sculpture exhibition in the history of sculpture in Australia. Only Sculpture By The Sea, Bondi has a longer continuous history.

Digital Camera

Astra Parker  –  Return to Whole –  2010 Palmer Sculpture Biennial

The Artists

Here are the artists who’s works you will see at the 2020 Palmer Sculpture Biennial:

Overseas artists: Carlotta Brunetti from Germany, and Karl Chilcott from Sweden.

Interstate artists: Geoffrey Bartlett from Victoria, David Jensz and Tamsin Salehian from New South Wales and Marcus Tatton from Tasmania.

South Australian artists: Alexander Arcus, David Atkins, Steven Bellosguardo, Jan Clifford, Elizabeth Close, Steven Cybulka, Maarten Daudeij, Ian Hamilton, John Hayward, Greg Johns, David Kerr, Chris Ormerod, Astra Parker, Will Powrie, Deb Sleeman, Nicholas Uhlmann, and Clancy Warner.

Emerging Artist (South Australia):  Georgia Scott-Mills.

Honoured Artist (New South Wales):  Ron Robertson-Swann,

The Opening Day Music Event too has become a respected concert amongst S.A. musicians. The extraordinary Yearlings will be there again with other extraordinary performers such as Courtney Robb and Snooks Lavie, Emily Davis, Aaron Thomas and Andrew Allanson.


Powrie Rock

Will Powrie  –  Detail form “Hanging Star”  –  2016 Biennial

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