d. Palmer Sculpture Biennial 2016

Photographs by Bill Doyle, Caroline Lloyd and Jan Clifford.
David Atkins

David Atkins – Sticking Point

Steven Bellosguardo

Steven Bellosguardo – Landmark

Karl Chilcott

Karl Chilcott – The Last Rainbow

Jan Clifford 2016

Jan Clifford – Form is Emptiness – Emptiness is Form


Rick Clise

Rick Clise – 400 Parts


Di8 Coulter 2016 2

Dianne Coulter – Earth Force, Series 3

Erwin Fabian

Erwin Fabian – Palinode

India Flint

India Flint – Eulogy

Tony Hannan 2016

Tony Hannan – Martins Sticks

Greg Johns

Greg Johns – Swaying Whisperers

Stephen Lloyd

Stephen Lloyd – Message to the Navigator

Phillip McGillivray Tory

Phillip McGillivray – Tory, Rain Shadow – Peramangk Country

Karl Meyer

Karl Meyer – Substance (2016)

Astra Parker

Astra Parker – Migration Sero

Dr Flossie Peitsch

Dr Flossie Peitsch – Land Grab

Will Powrie

Will Powrie – Hanging Star

Tim Shaw

Tim Shaw – Permanence and Impermanence in the Landscape

Deb Sleeman

Deb Sleeman – Seven Sisters Visiting – Just checking

Tim Thomson

Tim Thomson – Cabinet Reed

Nick Uhlmann 2016

Nicholas Uhlmann – The Hood III

Clancy Warner

Clancy Warner – Whitewashing History

Lorry Wedding-Marchioro

Lorry Wedding-Marchioro – Entanglement


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